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Data Mining services

We provide a wide range of data mining services – we perform traditional data mining, web mining for clients all over the world. We are also able to mine data from various secondary sources, such as professional websites (i.e., LinkedIn), white pages, yellow pages, company information databases, and more. If you are looking to outsource data mining, we’re the right choice for you.

We handle projects both large and small, with the help of competent staff which is able to address any of the data mining needs of your company. Our services include:

  • Web Mining – We take data from around the internet based on your specific needs for both public and private businesses, of all shapes and sizes. We have advanced data collection tools that are proven effective at delivering comprehensive web data collection for analysis
  • Social Media Data Mining– Through data collected from social media, we can help you uncover information that is valuable to your business, including the promotion of new products and services, evaluating your competitors, spotting trends, and much more
  • SQL Data Mining– With SQL data mining, we can use our advanced tools to comb the web for the virtually unlimited amount of information currently available on the internet. Our SQL data mining services are capable of creating massive databases of information for modeling. Perfect for large scale, multinational clients, Flatworld Solutions is the perfect choice to outsource business critical information. We use a host of automated and manual SQL data mining techniques to match the needs of the clients
  • Image Data Mining– Data mining is not limited to numbers and words. It is now possible to perform large and small scale image retrieval services from large datasets viewed over the internet, and prepare them for analysis and study


  • E-Commerce Data Mining (Products & Prices)
  • Financial Data Mining
  • E-book Data Mining
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Market Trend Monitoring
  • Healthcare Data Mining
  • Data Mining for Fraud Detection
  • Stock Market Data Mining
  • Competitor growth analysis and tracking