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Knowledge Management

Managing knowledge to improve productivity, profit, and customer satisfaction

If you know one thing about your customer service agents it is that, they are a veritable treasure trove of knowledge and as they are on the front lines of your battle to provide faster, better service, their knowledge grows by the day. The management of those knowledge assets impacts not only productivity and profit, but could affect agent and customer satisfaction. You need a system to compile all of that information, one that is easily accessible for future use.

Make the most of your information resources and assets

To effectively capture and share knowledge, you need more than technology and executive edicts. That is why the knowledge and information professionals at KTE co. strive to consolidate the know-how and experience of your people with technology, data, culture and other factors needed for KM success. We know this cohesive approach is the only sure way to deliver high user value and acceptance.

KM teams are facing new challenges

  • Extra work without additional budget or staffing resources.
  • Heightened sensitivities regarding data security and privacy.
  • Ever-changing players, teams and priorities.
  • Conflicting needs and expectations.

All executive leaders agree on the importance of sharing and leveraging knowledge, especially in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing markets. All that’s lacking is the willingness to back it up with tangible support.