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On-Premises BI

KTE Co. (Knowledge Technology Era Co.) provides Decision Making solutions for large organizations. since its foundation in 2003, KTE has received many awards and honors for solutions and services that has developed and delivered. As part of Iran’s first Knowledge-based companies, KTE has been proud of elite employee, innovative, young, committed personnel and experienced in Decision Making and work successfully with team-driven and dynamic environment to develop unique value created services related to Data Analysis, Business intelligence, Data Mining and Big Data Analytics.

KTE released special software tools in “Business intelligence” context, from scratch and purely web based, called FARABAR.

FARABAR transforms your data into insights that give you a fresh perspective on your business. You can identify what’s working, Fix what isn’t. And also take new opportunities.

FARABAR is a business analytics platform for rapidly creating analytic applications, deploying scalable dashboards and reports, delivering managed self-service analytics to business users, and embedding analytics into the applications workers use every day.

KTE has developed FARABAR in 21 major versions and has more than 350 large customers in Iran.

Another success story is KTE’s Data Mining Professional Services through the latest data mining techniques can serve regulatory authorities intelligent tools to aid their analysts in analyzing and inspecting their sensitive data. Knowledge extracted in data mining projects, helps managers to take better decisions and achieve better results.

In addition, KTE has designed more than 220 Data Warehouses based on ORACLE and SQLSERVER. some of these Data Warehouse belongs to banks, transportation, insurance, telecommunication, utility companies and Governorships, universities, military organizations, Municipalities, free zones, with hundreds million records.

With these experiences, expertise and dedication, KTE welcomes your challenging Decision Making concerns and will guarantee the delivery of clear roadmaps, solutions and knowledge based products and services to be tailor-made for your special needs.