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Knowledge Technology Era Software Solutions

KTE Co. (Knowledge Technology Era Co.) provides Software solutions for large organizations. since its foundation in 2003, KTE has received many awards and honors for solutions and services that has developed and delivered. As part of Iran’s first Knowledge-based companies, KTE has been proud of elite employee, innovative, young, committed personnel and experienced in Software Production and work successfully with team-driven and dynamic environment to develop unique value created services related to Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Accounting , Ecommerce and Mobile Applications.

Ever wondered how you could improve your business with cutting edge new technology? We enabled true synergy among different industries. We aim to bring consulting service, cutting edge technology innovation and training together. Working with innovative technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Big Data. Leveraging new technical stack such as react, react native, python, node.js together in business use cases, create value by solving business pain points that exists among industry. Our solutions are built with scalable, secure, and performance in mind. Our consultants are passionate, disciplined and innovative. we doing:



Get closer to your customers in more helpful, proactive, and natural ways.

Secure and scalable


Gain value from your data in a secure and scalable way regardless of its size and complexity.

Fast and flexible


Build with partner solutions tailored to your industry and get up and running quickly.

Analytics that enables action


Go beyond looking in the rear-view mirror to predict what is next before the competition.

Customer Software Devlopment

Sometimes your requirements might be as unique as your business landscape. A pre-built solution doesn’t quite meet your needs. We can develop a wide range of custom-engineered solutions for your Business. We offer custom software development and consulting services to help you pull off your next project with less stress and less cost. Our team has the technology prowess to power you at every stage of your product development lifecycle, from discovery to ongoing post-launch enhancement.

We have been refining our expertise across multiple verticals and solutions and are now able to drive success and minimize risk no matter your project’s specifics. Read on to find out more about the benefits of collaborating with us.

We Develop:

Web Applications: Custom applications that perfectly work across all popular browsers and deliver immaculate UX with a clear logical layout and mobile adaptation. (Enterprise systems – Web portals (B2B or B2C) – Industry specific solutions)

Mobile Applications: Native (for iOS, Android, Windows) or cross-platform (on Cordova, Xamarin, React Native) custom mobile applications to compliment your web application or created as a separate solution with their own back end (.NET, Java, PHP, Node.js). They can be as advanced as complex enterprise management solutions and applications with built-in AI.

Desktop Applications: OS-specific (Windows, Mac, Linux) or cross-platform custom applications for offline work with total control over data security, increased efficiency and performance.

Big data applications: Custom tools built specifically to provide the deepest insights on meaningful components of your business based on the results of high-volume data processing.

Process control and optimization (e.g. traffic management, stock management, etc.) Predictive equipment maintenance Customer segmentation Patient health state monitoring

Real-time applications: Custom applications that exploit the latest technologies to process real-time data and provide response upon the processed results within a strictly defined interval.

Sensor data monitoring (equipment condition monitoring, environmental monitoring, automatic vehicle tracking, etc.) Stream processing for IoT Advertisements and recommendations engines Fraud and spam detection

On the cutting edge of software development, we continuously master our skills in such tech trends as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, computer vision and big data.

We’re doers, not talkers.