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Special Analytics

Farabar provides solutions and technologies that empower you to solve today’s complex problems and capitalize in tomorrow’s opportunities. Our Industry leading advanced analytics delivers timely insights for taking strategic action and driving impact.

We can help you turn large amounts of data into knowledge you can use, and we do it better than anyone does. It is no wonder an overwhelming majority of customers continue to use Farabar year after year. We believe it is because we hire great people to create great software and services.

Customer Analytics

  • Customers Satisfactions & Loyalty
  • Price Analysis
  • Service Cost Analysis
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Churn Analysis
  • Predictive Customer Behaviors
  • Consumption Analysis
  • segmentation and campaign personalization
  • Increasing response rates for marketing offers
  • Profitability Analysis

Fraud Detection

  • Increase the efficiency of the claims investigation and get more assurance that the right claims are being investigated.
  • Improving audit efficiency and Detect and prevent tax fraud with greater accuracy and efficiency.
  • Detect and prevent fraud before paying claims.
  • Reduce losses from fraudulent transactions.
  • Predict fraud.
  • Combating fraud and money laundering.

Risk Analytics

  • Streamline the underwriting decision process.
  • Fast track to advanced operational risk management
  • Making debt collection less painful
  • Manage model risk by managing model information.
  • centralized operational risk view
  • Covering the underwriting risk
  • Building a risk-conscious culture

Performance Management

  • Cost-minimizing restructure
  • Monitoring sales performance to drive growth
  • Consistent support for financial decisions
  • faster budget cycle
  • know the real cost, efficiency and profitability of each activity
  • Optimize the commercial strategy to best manage distribution, which revolves around the wholesale and retail channels.
  • Support strategic business planning and optimize operational processes.

Financial Analytics

  • Budgeting, Planning Management
  • Deliver faster answers to key stakeholders, and let them monitor critical financial metrics and KPIs.
  • Drive profitability by identifying the most profitable markets, initiatives and scenarios.
  • Provide data lineage and governance by storing the source documents and automating the extraction of specific data, and making it available to all users.
  • Improve cash flow analysis with access to real-time data and with tools to answers questions immediately.
  • Reduce costs by analyzing spending trends and identifying opportunities to increase efficiency.
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Investment Analysis

Projects Analytics

  • Forecast Accuracy
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Cycle Time Analysis
  • Budgeting , Planning , Forecasting & Profitability Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis